The Pizza Project App for Plum Point Middle School

Poster to be hung in school

Pizza Point Tokens

      The Pizza Project was an initiative to encourage middle schoolers to recycle on school grounds. I created a program where when students recycled at school, they were given tokens in return. These tokens transferred into "pizza points". The homeroom class with the most pizza points at the end of each quarter won a pizza party for their class. I then created an app to coordinate with The Pizza Project where students could track the class rankings, grade rankings, and get reminders of what can and can't be recycled at school. I worked with an 8th grade class at Plum Point Middle School in Calvert County, located in Southern Maryland on this project. I conducted surveys for the teachers in the middle school and did research to find out what the most efficient way was to entice the students to recycle. I pitched this project to the 8th grade class via FaceTime and the students were very excited and eager to download the app. I really loved being able to work with students in my hometown and give back to the community and public school system that has given so much to me all while doing good for the environment at the same time.

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